New York State of Health

New York State of Health (NYSOH) is The Official Health Plan Marketplace, for New York State. You can shop, compare, and enroll in a health plan and receive financial assistance based on your income. You may qualify for an Advance Premium Tax Credit; you may also qualify for public programs such as Medicaid or Child Health Plus.

You can enroll on your own, on the NYSOH website, call the NYSOH directly to enroll, or receive assistance from an Assistor or a Broker.

The New York State of Health is funded by the federal government. You must meet the following criteria to shop in the Marketplace:

  • Live in New York
  • Must be a US citizen, national, or lawfully present immigrant.
  • Cannot be currently incarcerated.
  • Cannot be applying for coverage of nursing home care, care in a Residential Treatment Facility, Developmental Center or Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled.

There are 10 key health services that must be covered by every health plan. All health plans sold at New York State of Health must include them. Most plans sold elsewhere for individuals and small businesses must also include them. The 10 "essential" services are:

  • Care at a doctor's office
  • Emergency services
  • Hospital care
  • Pregnant mother and baby care
  • Mental health and addiction treatment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehab and skill development services and devices
  • Lab services
  • Prevention & wellness services and long-lasting disease management
  • Dental and vision care for children