How Do I Prepare for My Medicare Appointment?

When you are looking for a Medicare plan it pays to be prepared. If you are prepared, you will make the most of your time and have an accurate estimate of what your costs will be and ensure that the plan you select will work for you.

Health Insurance Info

You will want to bring all your current health insurance information. Bring your Original Medicare Card (red, white, and blue paper card), your EPIC card if you are a member, and any other current health insurance cards.

List Your Providers

Make a list of the providers that you see, either regularly or on an as needed basis. A provider would include primary care physicians, specialists, pharmacies, labs, hospitals, surgical centers, just to name a few.

List Your Medications

Prepare a list of your medications. You can create one yourself, use a summary f rom a recent doctor’s visit or call your pharmacy to get a printout. It is important to be specific about the medications you take! There can be a significant difference in the cost of medications depending on the dose or even whether it is a tablet or a capsule! Be sure to include percentages and grams for medications that are drops, lotions/creams, inhalers, etc.

Healthcare Needs

Review your current healthcare needs, to get an idea of what services you typically use the most. How many providers do you see and how many times a year do you see them? Do you have any upcoming services you need this year that you did not in the previous year? Do you have a surgery scheduled?

Plan Ahead

You also want to think about how a plan works if you were to have an unexpected medical event. What is my cost for ambulance services? Is my local hospital in-network with the plan? What if I am transferred to another hospital, for a higher level of care, are they in the plan network? What are the plans out-of-pocket maximum?

What Ancillary Benefits Can You Include?

Finally, think about any ancillary benefits such as gym memberships and healthy rewards/wellness programs. Do you want vision or dental coverage?

There can be a lot to think about when considering your Medicare plan options. Simco’s Medicare Specialists are licensed agents who can help you narrow down the options simplifying the process.