How the Coronavirus Can Affect Your Home Insurance if You Work Remotely

During the pandemic, more than half of Americans have worked from home. Parents have their children at home attending to school remotely--this could require a home business endorsement for your Home Insurance Policy. When it comes to people bringing company equipment home to work, homeowners insurance is not business insurance.

Typically, business property is covered by anywhere from $1,000–2,000 in coverage, but for business owners and the self-employed who have been forced to move all their business equipment to their home office because of the pandemic, it may not be enough coverage.

• Our insurance agents are still available 5 days a week and offering guidance on existing and potential losses and claims will remain fully operational
• Policyholders should not expect any disruption in policy service
• Certain companies are no longer canceling policies because if you are temporarily out of work and need a premium payment extension

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